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4 Bed Room Home Shifting
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3 Bed Room Shifting
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Office Shifting Service inBangladesh

Looking for reliable office shifting in Bangladesh? Find the best hassle-free office shifting services. We offer the best solution for office relocation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

 Relocation of commercial belongings and also from the office or workplace is a big responsibility. This is not something as easy as a household move where a person is required to carry only the possessions from their home and move elsewhere. Responsibility and risk are at their peak during the change of office. Office possessions are not the sole property of one person, but all office personnel are directly or indirectly related to that. Depending on the goods, you can manage the transfer time and the budget relocation distance and the entire scenario of the change process.

The shifting of office is a process that takes time and, certainly, this point can be expressed without a doubt. The closings of a domestic move can be handled by a person only in some way, but this is not possible in the relocation of the office or any other type of commercial change.

The reason is the difficult process and impediments to packing and moving large, bulky and sensitive office supplies. Whether office shifting is local or long-distance office product change is being planned, the complications are always there. However, one can consider Edeal.xyz  Home Shifting services for the entire process, but that again consumes a lot of money.

Manage furniture movements

In many commercial relocation we do, we often have to disassemble and reassemble furniture or equipment. To keep the office running smoothly, we have our expert team of commercial installers. Plus, we’ve already provided this unique type of service to many leading Home Shifting companies.

Short or long term storage

We also offer a self-storage service specially designed in Dhaka, Chittagong for commercial storage needs. If you don’t have space in your new office location or don’t need the items daily, our storage service is worth considering.

How to make an office move successfully

The main thing for any successful office move is to think ahead and be carefully prepared. There is one point to keep in mind when planning to move office.

These include: By offering expert project management services, we work with you on your office shifting project, providing a service for every element of a successful move. Offering disposal and storage solutions, including specialized disposal teams in Dhaka, Chittagong. Offering the best result for your redundant equipment and furniture solution, including furniture recycling options.


When undertaking office relocation, it is important that you understand the needs of your staff before you begin. The Office Principles will carry out studies on the use of workspace and space occupation to obtain information on the performance of your workplace, as well as your current use of space. From this, we will be able to identify any physical restrictions of the building and evaluate areas such as meeting rooms, rest areas and cell offices.

Workplace design

The results of the workspace studies will give us the basis to create an office that reflects how your staff is making use of the current space and how they operate. Our office relocation consultants will take the design process down to the last detail, ensuring that your new workplace maintains the perfect balance of creativity and practicality.

Projects management

Office Principles will dedicate a relocation manager to your project to ensure complete project coordination and to be your single point of contact. After initial inquiries and surveys, we will provide an expensive move-in program that includes scheduling and resources. Our designers will take care of all the planning in detail, whether you use your existing furniture or buy new ones.





IT consulting

We have a team that specializes in relocating networks and equipment, equipment. These specialized technicians will ensure that your IT investment is relocated safely. This includes decommissioning, packaging and shipping, network setup and reset, testing, and preparing your staff to work without interruption, downtime, or technical problems.


Office relocation management

Our office relocation team generally works after hours, over a weekend, or during a bank holiday period. All office moves are meticulously prepared and planned to ensure a smooth transition. We organize boxes, computer movements and vehicles and we can even organize the rental of cranes for those heavy and uncomfortable items.


After the office move

After the relocation and realignment of your office, we will review what has been accomplished and measure it against your original goals. We will also provide operation and maintenance procedure manuals to advise on the products and services provided, including maintenance requirements for the equipment.


We’ve compiled an office relocation checklist that we hope will be helpful:

Ø  Set your move-in day

Ø  Decide on your relocation budget

Ø  Decide if you are going to hire an office relocation specialist

Ø  Interview office relocation consultants and get quotes - the cheapest is not always the best and a reputable relocation specialist will ensure the shortest commercial downtime possible

Ø  Nominate a project manager for each of your departments; They should ensure that all employees are aware of the office’s relocation plan and what their responsibilities are.

Ø  Get a detailed plan of the new office

Ø  Inspect the new office space and decide on the new office design

Ø  Measure hallways, doors, and elevators to make sure there is enough space to accommodate all of your office equipment and furniture.

Office / Corporate relocation services include:

1.   Competitive quote and complete proposal, adapted to your move

2.   Fully trained and friendly staff

3.   IT and specialized equipment movements

4.   Packaging and removal of all equipment, including IT and AV equipment, with specialized equipment.

5.   Packaging of workstations, storage units, power backup, etc.

6.   Movements of safes and heavy equipment

7.   Storage for all your offsite needs

8.   Document storage and management.

9.   Project and movement management.

        110.Elimination of redundant office furniture and IT.


Comprehensive insurance available clients. We offer a wide range of business relocation services to our clients and guarantee complete satisfaction at every step of the process.

 Office moving steps:

Ø  Dismantling

Ø  Packaging

Ø  Loading

Ø  Moving

Ø  Download

Ø  Unpacking

Ø  Reassembly

Ø  End-to-end solutions

Ø  Contact us today for your free no-obligation survey.



We ensure that your small shipment of furniture, relics or other large, fragile and valuable items are delivered intact

Temporary storage

If you are a student who needs storage for the summer or a senior who needs storage during your transition, we can send your small transfer to our warehouse and deliver it to you later.


Do you need to distribute belongings to family members? We can arrange shipping and delivery of multiple items to multiple locations almost anywhere in the world.


We offer a wide range of business relocation services to our clients and guarantee complete satisfaction at every step of the process.

 Determine where the company logo or brand will be placed and if the:

·        color scheme will need to be updated to reflect this

·        Decide where the furniture will be placed.

·        Make sure proper power points are installed

·        Make sure security systems are installed before moving expensive    

·        equipment to the new office

·        If your company requires a server, make sure that the available space  

·        meets your requirements: temperature thermostat, security system,

·        electrical requirements, etc.

·        If you have modular furniture, be sure to install network cabling first

·        Decide where the PCs will be placed

·        Determine the location of the printer and fax machine

·        Collect an inventory of your current office equipment and content:  

·        modems, copiers, data cables, computers, servers, monitors, fax   

·        machines, network switches

·        Determine if you have adequate and suitable kitchen equipment and

·        supplies for the new office: refrigerator, microwave, kettle, coffee maker,  

·        toaster, water cooler

·        Label boxes, files, boxes, computers, lamps, keyboards and other

·        equipment with names and also the destination in the new office, this will  

·        save a lot of time and inconvenience in the long run

·        Remind employees to back up files on the network or to disk before  

·        moving their equipment

·        Organize the disassembly / assembly of modular office furniture.

·        Arrange packing for office equipment to be relocated

·        Recycle any unnecessary furniture or equipment or arrange for a waste

·        collection company to pick it up

·        Decide if new equipment will be required: do you have enough  

·        workstations, computers, fax machines, copiers, furniture?

·        Organize the installation and configuration of the relocated equipment

·        Make sure there are enough electrical outlets for each employee and  

·        workstation

·        Contact the appropriate utility companies and organize new services:  

·        electricity, water, commercial rates

·        Assign parking spaces

·        Organize construction and content insurance

·        Arrange for a building health and safety inspection and obtain a health   

·        and safety certificate if necessary

·        Arrange phone line installation - test phone lines before installing the

·        rest of your equipment

·        Establish recycling points

·        Contact Internet providers and organize the installation

·        Organize computer and network installation

·        Request new business cards and letterhead with new address, phone

·        and fax details

·        Make sure all files are properly indexed and stored securely

·        Make sure all files are placed in the correct offices / filing cabinets /

·        library in the new office

·        Notify clients of your office move

·        Update business licenses and service agreements

 We will be responsible for start to finish office shifting:

Responsibility means superior quality service. It means dealing with the relocation of your office from origin to destination. It means dedicated people to work harder to keep you satisfied. Everyone at Business On The Move is accountable to you, from packing to unpacking, and every step of the way.

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